Stefanos Tsitsipas is first confirmed for back to back in 2024 – Los Cabos Tennis Open
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Stefanos Tsitsipas is first confirmed for back to back in 2024

  • Tournament Director Geoffrey Fernandez confirmed the first player for the Los Cabos and Acapulco editions in February 2024.
  • Stefanos Tsitsipas to star in Los Cabos ATP 250 final against Aussie Alex de Miñaur

Los Cabos, August 5, 2023.- Greek Stefanos Tsitsipas, current World No.5, was confirmed as the first player to attend the Los Cabos ATP 250 and Acapulco ATP 500 tournaments to be held in consecutive weeks in Mexico in February and March 2024, announced Jose Antonio Fernandez, director of the Mifel Tennis Open by Telcel Oppo.

“I can confirm to you that Tsitsipas will be with us and also that we will have two other Top 10 players in the back to back. Stefanos has told us that he wants to return to Mexico and we are very happy with his decision. He is a very beloved player with the fans and it can be said that we have started very well on the road to the two tournaments we have in 2024,” said Fernandez at the closing conference of the seventh edition in Los Cabos.

He recalled that the Greek, who will be 25 years old on August 12, has achieved a connection with the Mexican public because of the way he gives his all on the court.

He was also proud and excited about the final of the tournament between the Greek and Australian Alex de Miñaur.

“The result is a wonderful final, several players have achieved both finals and not to mention the doubles tournament with Santiago Gonzalez. He is going through his best moment at this age, it would be wonderful if he won, he deserves it. They were long days but the tennis level was very high. He also highlighted the participation of the young Mexicans who were participating in this edition,” he added.

Fernandez reminded that the eighth edition of the Cabo Tennis Open tournament will be played from February 19 to 24, while the 31st edition of the Abierto Mexicano Telcel presented by HSBC will take place from February 26 to March 2.

“We are practically with a Grand Slam in two venues, more complicated, but the challenge is going to be for us. There are several companies, four or five that have more than one tournament on the ATP tour, but we are the only ones that have the challenge of doing them in consecutive weeks,” he said.

The executive also took advantage of the conference to make a balance of the tournament and advanced preliminary estimates and said that the tournament generated an economic revenue greater than last year’s 109 million pesos.
“The numbers will improve in February. There will be better weather and that is going to work in the tournament’s favor. The biggest challenge this year was the heat. On the other hand, on Wednesday the stadium was already at 91% capacity and in 2024 hotel occupancy will be at 90%.”

Regarding the attendance at the tournament, Fernandez pointed out that this year the tournament registered an attendance that exceeded 31 thousand spectators. In addition, direct and indirect jobs were generated and are growing,” he assured.

The double of Mexican tournaments in the ATP calendar adapts to the needs of the tennis players who will be able to tour the Mexican territory before traveling to the Indian Wells Masters 1000 in California.

“Last and not least is the work to do with the San Jose home with up to 50 children who have many needs. A long term project and leaves more footprint in the community. It is the right way to support children,” he concluded about the social responsibility program Play for All!

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